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Best Indoor Cycling

Welcome to our on-site page link to our YouTube channel “Best Indoor Cycling” at YouTube”. We’ll be adding videos you can use for indoor training at home. Use your stationary exercise bike for cycle training at home or in a gym. If you want to check out a triathlon course video for an event you’re planning on competing in next year we will be adding those when we have them prior to the event. You can listen to your favorite training music or try out some of our training interviews with world class cycle trainers.

Over the years we’ve gathered video from cycling courses and events from all over the world for CompuTrainer┬« and other sponsors. Our specialty is creating videos for indoor stationary bicycles so riders can exercise in as real an environment as the courses they’ll be riding in.

Indoor cycling for beginners is another fantastic use for these videos. A young person not ready for the road can begin to learn without the risk inherent in going out on the road. If the young people in your life are going to be joining you for your cycle outings, why not give them some cycle simulator experience before they’re put into a real environment? If it’s good enough for airline pilots it’s good enough for you and your loved ones!

We’ll have interviews from famous triathletes, dietary experts, cycling coaches, bike product manufacturers and a host of other experts who will help you reach your cycling goals.

We’ll be also be adding a podcast channel, feeds, social network connections and in general offer as much valuable media content as we can to make Best Indoor Cycling the perfect partner for your cycle training.

Check back on this page or better yet, subscribe to Best Indoor Cycling for updates to this site!

Wlidflower Clip

90 seconds lifted from the 2000 film The Curse of Pele. It is standard def, low rez and grainy but shows a lot of the energy and charisma surrounding the Wildflower Triathlons, here a week away from the 2016 events. I have disabled the audio track to avoid any copyright issues. One day when I have the time I will re-master to digital, until then, enjoy the ride.

Best Indoor Cycling March 2x20 Trailer

A quick peek at the March 2x20 Video from Best Indoor Cycling. This month (we do one per) we travel through Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New York, Spain and the Canary Islands, plus a few bonus extras. The BIC 2x20 videos are specific to the famous indoor cycling training protocol of 20 minutes at 85% of your FTP, a 5 minute break and a second 20 minutes at 85%. If you don't own a CompuTrainer you can use RPE. We time the video to act as both entertainment and monitor. You are accountable for everything else. Available for rent or sale at

Best Indoor Cycling 16Feb 2x20

Best Indoor Cycling presents the February 2016 2x20 Video. From the lava of Kona to the top of Hurricane Ridge in Washington State, our video gives you a entertaining and motivating hi-def look at a few of the most revered rides, races and routes. This timed video is your training partner whether your goal is better health, advanced fitness or optimal performance. Try one and see. More info at

Am I Willing to Suffer for My Art

The million dollar question. See the commentary at

Give up, give in or give all

Those are our three options. To anything. You can give up, you can give in or you can give it all you got. Hold true with a simple short run the same as it does with a marathon. Join me as I prepare for a half-ironman over the next 170 days. I ain't gonna give up or in. Leaves one option. Read more and join the fun at

My Gift to You

We all have a gift waiting to be given. That simple statement could be it. And by 'it' I mean IT. We offer a quick look at this simple but powerful issue in order to offer assistance. That is what we do. We help. If you or someone you know needs a little encouragement or a tireless training partner, please come and check out our service at

Change the World

Somewhere today it will happen. You will have an opportunity. Might be when you run. Might be when you ride (indoors or out). Might be when you shop for dinner. You will have the one moment to inspire someone who both needs and wants it. Use these precious moments with all the power and presence available to you. A two minute PSA from

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